Be like Rihanna

Rihanna has been seen in them.

PORTS 1961 Womenswear signature Bee Sneakers are out as well as a whole line of the fashionable footwear.

Available in stores, Ports 1961’s signature women’s Bee Sneaker features its distinctive
bow, raw cut, hand-knotted and hand-stitched in order to be uniquely distinctive to the wearer.
The sneakers are available in fabrics and shades to match the season’s garments and the classic leather and suede colors. They also feature rubber soles for comfort and durability.
Later in June, Ports 1961 will launch a new version of the Bee Sneaker
toPorts 1961 bee sneaker 1 Ports 1961 bee sneaker 10 Ports 1961 bee sneaker 8 Ports 1961 bee sneaker 6 headline its upcoming Resort 2017 collection.

Be just like Rihanna.