Inspirational words from Fashion Avenue News

Fashion Avenue News, an independent magazine in New York, is celebrating its fifth avenue.

The publication posted on Facebook some reflections on its milestone.

“5 Years Ago on a beautiful Saturday July 9, 2011, Fashion Avenue News Magazine was born.

“It was Fashion on the Hudson 3, at Riverbank State Park, I did not even have a photographer when I started publishing, but I had the will and the confidence that I could somehow do this, publish a magazine. Only GOD knows, where I got the confidence from. To test out the work that would need to be done, I produced a digital magazine from January 2011 to June 2011, entitled Designer And Model Magazine (DAMM), just to see if I could keep the pace. I did, and in July 2011 Fashion Avenue News was born.
That day I had 250 magazine in Riverbank State Park, I sold them all, everyone was excited to see an independent magazine they could be part of. Independent Photographers, Models, Stylists, Make Up Artists, all now had a place that they could be published. The really great thing was they were welcome… we wanted them on our pages… our motto is “As Long As Your Fabulous” We don’t discriminate against anyone for size, height, weight or age, we just need the FABULOUSITY you bring.

“Fashion Avenue News has never went after the celebrity, although we have had celebrities on our covers, example: Halle Berry, Vivica Fox, SuperModel Alex Wek, Kelly Rowland, Germany’s next TopModel to name of few. We are most proud of the independent models that have graced our covers, as that is what Fashion Avenue News was made for….YOU.

“For the past 5 years we have worked to perfect our publication. Sure we have had mishaps, stumbled, but we never stopped publishing and never lost our confidence. We learned a lot of lessons along the way. We have used those lessons to get better and stronger. Our brand continues to grow.

“I want to take this moment to tell any and every one…..NEVER GIVE IN AND NEVER GIVE UP….no one said life would be easy, but with each challenge, you get stronger, wiser and more creative. If you are alive, you are going to face challenges, but FACE THEM, don’t RUN from them. There are answers, if you just take a moment to look. You can do this….. look at me, I did it and we are both the same….Human……We all feel happy, sad, confused, and overwhelmed at time….but believe me, stay the course because it will pay off.

“With this said, I want to invite you all out to Fashion on the Hudson 19 – YES, 19, (it’s 8 years at Riverbank, but 19 years in total) to celebrate with us, Fashion Avenue News 5 year anniversary. We are still going strong….BRANDING AND EXPANDING… each day….working to get better…always willing to help people…

“We Love You….You are our Fashion Family, I hope to see you on Saturday July 11, 2016. Get your FREE TICKETS on our and please like our FaceBook page.