Designer Confidential: Couture France


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Name: Couture France


Brand: Toshaz Fantasy Meets Reality


How would you describe your style aesthetic?

Whims-tastic, for the creative, confident, unique, bold, use of lace fabrics, crystals, mermaid silhouette and layers of hard and soft mediums, texture, bold prints, and vibrant colors.


What inspired you to Be A Designer?

My love for art and watching my mom getting custom dresses made for her right in front of me. I would watch the dressmaker and think, “How’d she create that from a sketch– look how happy my mom is about her vision coming to life.”I then would try to mock my mom’s outfits by making mini ones for my dolls, I too was pleased with my creations brought to life from a sketch or vision. The rest is her-story.


Who is your favorite fashion icon and why?

There are so many to choose from. One would be Michael Jackson. He’s bold. I love his jackets’ style line. It’s so royal and badass at the same time. His use of hard and soft layering is just my style. I like the way he combines sequins and beading with gold trimmings then he’ll edit it  with a V-neck t-shirt, adding a touch to the look with a sparkling glove. That’s Mer-tastic. One of his favorite mediums is gold, just like me. I think Michael was a mer-man.


What celebrity living or dead or fictional character would you like to dress and what would you make for them?

If i had to choose a celebrity, hmm, that’s hard I would like to dress Rihanna or Beyonce or Katy Perry. Out of the three, I’d chose probably Rihanna first. She’s very versatile and uniquely bold. “Spicy” just like Toshaz I would use my mer-magic and make a whimsical dress that looks like water, even feels like water, moves like water, like she’s practically wearing water. I would like to invent that just for her, now that’s fantasy meets reality.


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