TRANOÏ Paris adds Lifestyle products

The October 2016 edition of TRANOÏ Paris: Women’s (Sept 30 – Oct 3) will present for the first time TRANOÏ Paris: Lifestyle, a new family within the show created in response to the growing demand from buyers of prominent, international department and concept stores.


TRANOÏ Paris: Lifestyle will host an exclusive selection of brands presenting the best lifestyle objects, watches, furniture, lounge/homewear, hi-tech and gadgets.



PEECH is born from a compilation of ideas coordinated by one creative mind, Amedeo Piccione’s, who, despite his young age (born in 1990), managed to give voice to his own personal “fashion game”, a collection of fashion jewelry  and small leather goods in which Piccione reveals himself through enigmatic symbols.


“A la mode” designs that fashion lovers have to interpret. Lacquered metal and bright colors become the clothing of the elements that the designer brings together: animals, tropical fruits, lettering “secrets” … and even magic potions.


A collection which will make people talk even before it goes on sale. Soft nappa for clutches and purses, bracelets and key chains enriched elements “irreverent”, puns but also of meaningful phrases.

Rings, earrings and bracelets enhance the femininity of the wearer in an ironic way. The jewelry is gold plated in a way that makes them desirable at first sight.






Founded in Italy in 2015 by Pozzi brothers, Delicatezzen has become highly popular for its unique concept: “everyone” could be the designer for themself.  Delicatezzen’s goal is to develop high quality and made-in-Italy luxury stickers and leather accessories, with a distinctive design. Pop art and rebellion, Delicatezzen is a new way to see the fashion-accessory world.


Born in 1988, Luca ‘CURIO’ Curioni is one of the most relevant designers and multi-disciplined artists of Italy. His prints and paintings are exhibited in some of the leading art galleries across Asia. Several are the result of his collaborations with the best luxury furniture companies.


Delicatezzen is available at the Excelsior Milan, Boon the Shop Seoul, Fenwick London, Engelhorn Mannheim, Schustermann & Borestein Vienna, Flow Florence and Acaju Sao Paulo.






CHALET AFFAIR is a love affair of furniture and home accessories, of luxury with comfort.


Merging premium European craftsmanship with Scandinavian styles to fashion genuine designer pieces, CHALET AFFAIR produces classy furniture and exclusive home accessories with a fresh, modern look and luxurious feel. The label also teams up with top-notch interior designer to create unique objects for the hospitality sector and private residences.


Dutch designer Lucas van Vugt has collaborated with E. Hofmann & Sohn on the collection to be presented at TRANOÏ Paris: Lifestyle.

The brand is currently stocked at Harrods, London, Jelmoli, Zurich, Isetan Mitsukoshi, Japan and Nathalie Schuterman, Sweden.






For traveller, business man and designer Bertrando Di Renzo, homewares-brand LES-OTTOMANS began from his passion and love for Turkey following many years of travel to this country. Inspired by its unique fabrics and designs, Di Renzo shares through LES-OTTOMANS some of the Turkish “pleasures” he’s discovered; rich, useful, elegant and functional


The philosophy of LES-OTTOMANS is to deliver the charm, vivacity and seduction of Istanbul through handmade luxury products. The modern and design are inspired by a city that acts a bridge between East and West.


From September 2016, LES-OTTOMANS launches new collaborations with the design brands Servomuto and with designer Marcantonio Malerba Raimondi for two lines of products – dinnerware and cushions.