Getting Fit with Body Construct by Lori-Ann Marchese: Beat the heat


As the summer approaches, you realize you finally get to show off that summer body you have been working on for weeks.

But, as soon as the heat comes out– and it’s officially summer– it becomes a lot harder to stay hydrated and motivated for your workouts.

Everyone is aware that when it is hot and humid, it is difficult to get yourself to work out. But there are ways to beat the heat.

The most important thing is to stay hydrated.

Summer is the time when people sweat the most and the outcome of that is water loss. The chances of dehydration increase because of the heat, so it is extremely important you get in the recommended amount of water daily. Avoid caffeinated, sugary, and alcoholic drinks to prevent further the consequences of dehydration.

Another tip to beat the heat is to eat light. Eating light is best for your digestive system and will keep you from feeling slow and tired. Fruits and vegetables are a great choice because they are filled with water which hydrates you more.

Exercising can become a struggle when fighting the heat but choosing the right type of clothing can help you during a workout. Synthetic fabric is the best to wear because they push the sweaty and sticky feeling away. If you prefer cotton tees, make sure they are thin, loose and lightly-colored.

When you are working out, keep a cold towel or spray bottle near you to cool you down when you feel necessary.

Make sure that you are well-hydrated before your workout. That is very important. Remember to drink water during your workout to avoid passing out or further consequences of dehydration.

All in all, just because you have worked for your summer body, doesn’t mean you should slack off in the summer. Maintaining your routine and improving each week is something that doesn’t come easy.

But there should be no excuses that you can’t get outside and move your body. Don’t let the heat beat you.

Lori-Ann Marchese, a former cast member of Bravo TV’s “Game of Crowns” and a former Mrs. Connecticut, is owner/ operator of Body Construct LLC in New Britain.