She’s got style, she’s got grace. Miss CT’s Outstanding Teen talks fashion


The Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant is primarily about scholarship.

Private interview and on-stage interview count for a good portion of the final scores.

But fashion also is key for contestants. They are judged on their evening gowns. They have to choose a private interview outfit that reflects a certain polish. They have to choose stylish outfits for their many appearances.

Since Connecticut is such a small state, the winners of Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen can’t help but be one of the state’s few fashion icons and a style role model for teens.

Samantha Anderson of Wolcott is the reigning Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen. She currently is getting ready to head to Orlando, Fla. to compete against 50 other contestants from Aug. 2 to 6 for the title of Miss America’s Outstanding Teen from Aug. 2 to 6.

Samantha, who is the daughter of the owners of Bristol’s First Class Automotive and sister of Miss Plantsville Alyssa Anderson, has been busy preparing for that all important private interview with judges, practicing her dance routine for the talent portion of the competition, and getting her extensive wardrobe (including her top secret gown) packed and ready to go.

However, we caught up with Samantha, who is also a working fashion model, to speak with her via Facebook about her sense of style and favorite fashions.

Q: How would you describe your fashion style?

A: My style is classic or preppy, and trendy.

Q: Who are your fashion icons?

A: I love Kate Middleton’s style because she is so elegant and classic.

Q: Do you have any favorite designers and/ or brands?

A: I love to wear Lululemon because I am an active dancer. And I love Ralph Lauren or Polo for that classic style.

Q: When it comes to shopping for clothes, what is your guilty pleasure?

A: My guilty pleasure is jewelry. You will never see me without wearing at least a pair of earrings.

Q: What’s your favorite way to wear your hair?

A: I have grown to love my natural hair, which is straight.

Q: When it comes to make up  do you prefer a more natural or dramatic look.

A: For appearances I go for a more natural look, but for stage I go for a more dramatic look.

Q: When looking for your competition gown the national pageant, what qualities were you seeking?

A: People like to say my gown is a “teenage dream.” My competition gown screams dramatic and glamorous.

Q: What are your favorite go-to colors when you go shopping?

A: My go-to colors are maroon, olive, royal blue, and yellow.


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