Model Confidential: Monique Thomas



“Model Confidential” is a series where we meet the people who make the clothes come alive.


Name: Monique Thomas


Age: 30


Hometown: Hartford.


Why do you like modeling? I love modeling because if gives me an opportunity to put my creative mind to use. I love networking and meeting new people.


Your fashion icons and why? Tyra Banks. She is a role model for women of all ethnicity. She paved the way for fashion models to do more than just model. She has had her own television daytime talk show, multiple cycles of “America’s Next Top Model,” and her own makeup line.


Your favorite designer and why? I don’t think I really have a favorite designer because my taste in fashion is broad but If I had to chose a designer that catches eye at the moment It would be Balmain .


Describe your wardrobe choices when you’re not modeling? Chuck Taylors or some type of sneaker with jeans and a casual shirt or T-shirt.


What’s your guilty pleasure? Buying makeup , listening to music for hours by my lonesome


The one thing you can never leave home without? My phone charger, because my phone is always dead. LOL.


Favorite music? R&B, hip-hop, reggae.


Favorite food? I don’t have a favorite food but I LOVE rice. LOL.


Measurements? 5’6. Bust: 32. Waist: 25. Hip: 33 1/2


How can someone book you? Portfolio website? For booking please email:


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