Gown of the month shared

Rania Hatoum has unveiled her gown of the month.

Press materials said, “Inspired by the beautiful and traditional artwork of henna tattoos, Rania designed the ‘Henna’ gown to reflect upon her Egyptian ancestry. It is a tradition in Egypt that brides and their bridesmaids have henna parties prior to their wedding day. Henna party artists use a paste derived from dried henna leaves to intricately paint beautiful patterns on the hands of the bride and her bridesmaids. It is believed that this tradition will bring the bride good blessings, luck and joy as she embarks on her journey to matrimony. Nowadays, henna is also considered a beauty accessory and is part of a modern bride’s fashion wear. The ‘Henna’ gown design is unique and is designed by Rania Hatoum herself. Illustrated initially on paper and then translated into bead work, each bead is intricately hand-sewn making this beautiful gown a masterpiece of design and tradition.”fc7e9a59-f23a-476b-ab79-82da8c4791b4 faaaf685-9372-4f11-9a02-fb1dedc53883