Give your face a lift


You may be like Cathy.

Cathy, a client of Pure Skin in Southington, Conn., had been noticing some of the changes that come with age.

Cathy—who preferred not to use her last name—said she began to notice some more lines on her face. She also noticed some more areas of her face that had begun to sink in as well due to the passage of time.

To address these changes, she opted to have some filler work done.

And Cathy liked the results, returning for another procedure at Pure Skin on a recent Thursday morning.

At this particular visit, physician’s assistant Jennifer Young of Pure Skin was going to provide a “liquid facelift,” which was intended to decrease the lines in Cathy’s face and increase the volume where her face might have begun to look more drawn. The liquid facelift—which is achieved through the injection of Restalyne Lyft and regular Restalyne—would fill in the lines and those sunken spots on Cathy face, said Young who was assisted by registered nurse Jenna Denorfia. (Both Young and Denorfia) took elective rotations cosmetic dermatology in college.)

One of Cathy’s concerns before she had her first ever procedure was how it would look when it was complete. She didn’t want to look like some plastic surgery nightmare. But after that first visit, she was pleased with the results, which were visible immediately.

Young said that although the results—which will last six to nine months– are immediate, sometimes there can be some swelling because the products are applied via an injection. Sometimes, she said, there also is a little bit of bruising. It depends on the person, she said.

If someone is considering a “liquid facelift,” Cathy said they should make sure they find a competent practitioner first. They need to be able to trust that the person doing the procedure will do it right. Cathy added, “The people here (at Pure Skin) know what they are doing.”

And if you can find the right people who you can trust, Cathy said, “Definitely do it.”

Pure Skin is located at 31 Liberty St., No. 110, Southington, Conn.

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