Diamond Fashion Week heading to N.Y., West Haven, Conn.

Diamond Fashion Week will be held on Friday, Sept. 23 in New York and Sept. 24, in Connecticut.

Toshi’s Livingroom and Penthouse at the Flatiron Hotel in New York city, New York, and the West Haven Post, 1055 Boston Post Road in West Haven, Conn., are the venues for the event, which has close to a dozen designers slated to show their latest creations

Diamond Fashion Week is aimed at exposing emerging designers and models of all ages and sizes to the fashion world, recognizing that people of all ages and sizes like fashion and want to be fashionable. This push to showcase all types and body sizes wearing high fashion clothes, is in keeping with international trends to promote more diverse body types in fashion.

Additionally, many of the models that will be on stage are pageant winners from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

The week also aims to bring an awareness of Cerebral Palsy in children to persons who might not know about this condition. Cerebral Palsy, or CP as it’s commonly called, is a birth defect caused by conditions of birthing. Children who have CP might be incapacitated – totally reliant on others to do even the most menial of tasks or be totally physically independent.

A portion of our proceeds will go to the United Cerebral Palsy Organization.

For more information, email diamondctfw@gmail.com or visit www.diamondfw.com