The adjectives of Adrian Alicea


Adjectives exploded at Adrian Alicea’s runway show on Sept. 11.

As the male and female models walked the runway as part of Style Fashion Week at the Manhattan Center in New York, the designer clearly demonstrated he walked on the artful side of the fashion street.

The Sept. 10 show was aggressive, with its use of S&M imagery and clear intent to shock the New York fashionista set.

The show was post-apocalyptic with its intentional shredding of some garments and the tribal inspired hair and makeup that reminded me of “Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome.”

It was punk with its combination of the BDSM touches and the futurist-touches.

It was goth.

It was hypersexual with its use of males with ripped physiques and females with breasts hefted up to their chin.

It was whimsical. What else can you call a pair of men’s underwear briefs with a graffiti penis scrawled across the crotch of one of the male models or the word, “dick” emblazoned across the bulge of another male.

But toward the end, the collection also turned soft with floral prints and soft and feminine silhouettes on the female models

And finally, there was a little steampunk with a tartan ensemble that had that Victorian meets the modern favored by that cultural subset.

Essentially, there was something for everyone who favored the edgy, cool, and rock and roll.