Tips to prepare for cooler weather ahead

swimsuitsforall, an online swimwear retailer, is here to help you make a smooth transition into the fall season, before the cooler weather approaches.

  1. Swimwear care: Hand wash your swimsuit with mild soap immediately after use. Roll suit in towel and squeeze out excess water. Dry flat: avoid washers and dryers. This will help preserve the swimsuit’s fabric, so you’ll be all set for next summer or an upcoming winter vacation.
  2. Back-to-school shopping: Make a list of required school supplies before heading out to shop to maximize your savings and time, and minimize the hassle.
  3. Summer furniture care: Cover your lawn furniture or stow items away to protect them from harsh elements. If you’re looking to transform your backyard into an entertainment area, stock up on outdoor furniture now during all of the great end-of-season sales.
  4. It’s time to moisturize! Getting that summer glow indicates that you’ve had a lot of fun in the sun, but sunburns and tanning wreak havoc on your skin. Be sure to apply an unscented lotion to allow your skin to recover from excessive sun exposure and prevent dryness in the fall and winter months.
  5. Football season has arrived. Stock up on game-time snacks and score a deal on activewear, like a jersey, to support your favorite team! Let the rivalries begin.

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  1. Stay active. It may be seem difficult to exercise when it’s cold outside, but indoor swimming is the best year-round activity, plus it’s fun! Chlorine resistant swimsuits will allow you to maximize your time in the pool and keep your body feeling great.
  2. Set goals and dream big! Help children prepare for the upcoming school year by writing goals and objectives. Planning ahead keeps kids focused and teaches them how to achieve their goals.
  3. Plant the seeds. Fall is the perfect season to plant your bulbs for beautiful blooms to appear come springtime. Most perennials will survive the winter if their roots take ground before the dirt freezes.

10.. Think warmer thoughts. Start planning your next summer vacation. Book ahead to save money on airfare and hotel accommodations. Can’t wait until summer? Ditch the cold and bask in the heat elsewhere. Take a break from work and rock your swimsuit on an island cruise vacation!clearance-pr-image-1