Exotic simplicity of Matthew Reisman



The East– Near, Middle, and Far– was clearly on Connecticut fashion designer Matthew Reisman’s mind.

From the styling, with its echoes of Asian culture, to the silhouettes, it’s clear Reisman has been studying traditional Eastern garments.

However, the East may have been on Reisman’s mind, but to his credit, there wasn’t a single sari or kimono or belly dancer costume, on the runway.

Reisman’s collection at Hartford Fashion Week at Union Station on Oct. 16 may have been touched by the east, but it didn’t dive head first into the froufrou details traditional garb is known for.

Instead, Reisman offered what could best be described as exotic simplicity. He borrowed a little bit from the East in terms of shape. But the primary adornment on the garb was the jewelry provided to the models. The fabric also was solid throughout the collection, borrowing colors borrowed from your friend and mine, ROY G BIV.

The collection was lovely, superbly tailored, and very wearable… and familiar but original.

Reisman’s collection would be right at home at cocktail parties, evenings at the opera, or charity gala.

The runway event received a standing ovation at Hartford Fashion Week, an accolade that was well-deserved for this Connecticut designer.