Go for the bold, go for the ‘CHUNK’



When you think of costume jewelry, you probably think of mere shadows of the expensive stuff.

You probably think of crystals strung together disguised as diamonds and rubies, paste mimicking pearls, and electroplated metals of unknown origins standing in for silver and gold.

The idea is to look lush and elegant on a dollar store budget.

But sometimes, a little fun and whimsy is needed.

The jewelry of Ebony Amber’s CHUNK– created by artist Ebony Amber and special effects make-up wizard Tyler Green (first runner-up of SyFy’s season six “Face Off” and a cast member again for season 11)—is sculpted in clay, followed by the molding of the clay and then finally cast into the fantabulous shapes you find in the collection.

The Connecticut-based duo have crafted a colorful collection of jewelry that—rather than offering filigrees and delicate touches—gives us glitter, “chunk,” big batwings, vampire teeth, and skulls. The pieces ooze personality and have a definite rock and roll feel (I can see someone like pop singers Melanie Martinez and Miley Cyrus adding these to their wardrobes).

But, for the daring woman, the bold pieces don’t have to be merely about clubbing and rocking out. They are conversation pieces at work that reflect a strong sense of personality. They offer a peek at the machinations of an iconoclastic mind.

For more information, and to contact Ebony or Tyler go to EbonyAmbersChunk on Facebook.

Makeup by Savannah Marie.

Models: Cienna Jade Harris and Rozana Tamis.

Photography by Mike Chaiken