Shhh! It’s okay you can cheat a little. Adam Broderick can show you how


Don’t worry, you can cheat on your hairdresser.

And you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money in doing so—and you’ll still look fabulous.

Adam Broderick Salon and Spa in Southbury, Conn.—the sister salon of the Adam Broderick in Ridgefield, Conn.—has launched a new service called the ab Style Bar Featuring Color Wow. A special cocktail party was held on Nov. 14 to launch the service.

“We’ve renovated and done a makeover,” said Adam Broderick, the namesake and founder of the salon. “We’ve been here 10 years (in Southbury). With the popularity of blow dry bars, we saw an opportunity for a business within a business.”

Adam Broderick’s salon had been offering blow dry services to customers prior to the launch of the Style Bar. Broderick explained, “We’ve been in the blow dry business for 32 years. So we didn’t need more stations but we did feel that we could give permission to the consumer and come in and experience just our blow dry service.”

Broderick explained, “Most women will not walk into a salon unless they’re an established customer. You just don’t go in and say ‘I’m going to look around.’”

Broderick said, “Having this new business within a business gives clients permission to come in.”

“Interestingly enough women who use blow dry bars don’t feel like they are cheating on their regular salon so it’s a kind of nice way of offering a very relevant service –and packaging it a little less expensively.”

Further, said Broderick, “We’ve partnered with Color Wow, who’s also a Wilton (Conn.)- based business and collaborated on the products and the protocols (used at the ab Style Bar).”

Blow dry bars, initially, started as an urban concept for working women who didn’t have time to go into a salon for a full salon treatment, explained Broderick. But the concept works just as well in suburban Connecticut where women are just as busy.

“Our blow dry bar is a little different,” said Broderick. In addition to the hair service, customers can get their nails done in 15 minutes. They also can get their makeup done in about five minutes.

“If you have somewhere to go on Friday, you can get a blow dry, have your nails done, and your cosmetics to match and you can basically be in and out in an hour, hour and 10 minutes for a very, very reasonable price,” said Broderick.

“It wasn’t the easiest project to get done but now that it’s done it’s doing really well,” said Broderick. “If it’s as successful as I think we’ll be we’ll try it in Ridgefield.”

Adam Broderick Salon and Spa is at 730 Main St. South, Southbury, Conn. For more information, go to