Some tips for buying a swimsuit for that winter vacation

swimsuitsforall, an online retailer of swimwear, cover ups and activewear, is dedicated to helping you make your winter getaway a success. Gearing up for a vacation during the cold weather months will be simpler if you follow these tips.

1. Check the fine print. Before you book a stay at that all-inclusive tropical resort, read all the details. While some resorts truly do allow you to eat and drink whatever you desire and enjoy as many activities as you wish, others limit you to dining only at certain restaurants and do not provide free drinks. Keep in mind there may also be an additional fee for spa appointments, snorkel and scuba rentals and other activities. Make sure you know what you will and will not be expected to pay extra for.

2. Pack strategically. You don’t want to end up having to bring along an extra bag during your island vacation, and you always want to make sure you have some space for souvenirs. To pack lighter, pick up pieces that can do double-duty like cover up dresses that you can wear for dinner and drinks, not just at the beach. Swimwear separates, like bikinis or tankinis, can also be space-savers, as you can mix multiple tops with one or two bottoms. To view our smart, stylish cover ups and separates, please visit

3. Know the customs rules. To avoid getting waylaid at the airport, know before you go which items you are permitted to pack in your suitcase or carry-on luggage to go through customs. Some of the forbidden and restricted items may surprise you. For example, did you know that you can only bring back certain types of seashells (and in limited quantities) from some Caribbean destinations?

4. Don’t skip the sun protection. Nothing can spoil a vacation faster than painful sunburn. Make sure you pack your usual SPF protection, and don’t forget a pair of sunglasses that block 100% UVA and UVB. You don’t want your eyes to end up red and irritated due to the effects of UV.

5. Make a list and check it twice. Take a cue from Santa Claus and start a packing list a week or two before your vacation. When you think of something that you need to bring, jot it down immediately. Cross items off as you put them in the suitcase and then look over the list one last time before you zip everything up and leave the house. Now is also the time to run errands and pick up last-minute toiletries; you don’t want to have to spend time at a convenience store while on vacation. Always be prepared.       

Last but not least, have a great time and soak up the sun in your swimsuit!