Panache in a pocket square


Men, looking to add a little polish to your wardrobe? Want to take your well-tailored suit to the next level?

You might want to try a pocket square tucked into the top pocket of your suit jacket or sport coat.

And David Arrick, founder of SquareBoss, has just the stylish pocket squares for you..

We spoke to Arrick via email to talk about the line, his attraction to this mens wear attraction, and his efforts to introduce pocket squares to a younger generation via his son.

Q: What first attracted you to pocket squares?

David Arrick: When working as a corporate attorney, I was struck by the “uniform” that my colleagues wore – very conservative striped tie and suit, with not too much originality. I didn’t come from a traditional background in terms of career path, and wanted to express more originality in what I wore – rather than subscribing to the boring norm I saw around me. I started losing the tie, and using a square. It was a great way to stand out, and express a uniqueness.

Q: Who handles the design?

A: We have a great team of in house designers.

Q: Who do you see as the customer for your product?

A: Guys looking to stand out style-wise and who are cultivating a signature look. Guys who want to challenge the “tie only” sartorial norm, and break that mold. You can still look sartorially smashing in most situations with a great suit, beautiful shoes, impeccable grooming, and a square (no tie needed).

Q: What makes these pocket squares unique and how do they reflect your own fashion aesthetic?

A: They all reflect what I like when I get dressed. Some are classic with traditional colors/designs, and others are a bit edgier with a “look at me” design element. When I dress, I want the eye to go right to the square. It’s a perfect conversation starter whether on a job interview or a first date.

Q: The different collections all use the word “square” (City Squares, Back to Square One, Age of A-Square-ius) in them. What did you like about that kind of marketing approach?

A: I love marketing and am fascinated by brands that use catchy and unique concepts. I am fascinated by what Madison Avenue brings to branding. I have seen brands take a relatively ordinary product and make it the next “must have” – that amazes me. I understand my competition and knew that the way Squareboss would get recognized initially in the market was by creating lines and marketing them using “square” in them. It’s clever, different, and Madison Avenue 101.

Q: You also have father-son collection of pocket squares (You’re Not The Boss of Me). What inspired that line?

A: My 6 year old son, Nate. He has seen me get dressed and wanted to “dress like dad.” I also am an entreprenuer by nature, and wanted to plant the seed with him – have him get involved in creating something and seeing it actually come to market – from concept, to design, to manufacture, to marketing, and branding.

Q: What does your son like about pocket squares?

A: He thinks they are cool, and I think that he likes them because he sees me put so much time into choosing one, and also because he is a mini-magician and tries to make things appear and disappear with his pocketsquares. So far, no rabbits have appeared at our house!

Q: And, we are heading into the gift giving season. Why are pocket squares that perfect gift to give a man (or even a woman) in your life?

A: Every man should have at least six squares in his wardrobe. No question about that. A guy who never wore one will be surprised about what it does to elevate his look. People will notice. Any man who is concerned about his appearance and how he comes across socially and professionally will love to have a few to choose from when suiting up. Also, the boardroom only rules of dressing up have relaxed – we now sell to guys in their 20s who are jazzing up their black velvet blazer worn with jeans with a pop of color in the pocket. Just remember – the way you appear speaks volumes about you before you even open your mouth to utter a word. You get one chance to make a first impressions. These squares make the perfect gift and the perfect price point for any stylish, wanting to be stylish, used to be stylish but fell into a rut, guy or gal. They are an affordable way to give a gift that the other person can truly use. Spark up his wardrobe, and shock his or her sartorial sense.

For more information about Squareboss or to order your Squareboss pocket squares, go to

Some pocket squares, courtesy of Squareboss
Some pocket squares, courtesy of Squareboss