A New Year: Overcoming fitness fears



Finally 2017 is upon us and it’s that time to make those New Year’s Resolutions. If 2016 was a rough year for you sticking to your fitness routine, let’s hope 2017 will be the kicker. Of course, there’s no shortage of fitness advice you can get from your friends and workout partners. However, we should focus on you and think about you and your goals for the new fitness year. You’ve made the commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. You’ve set your alarms super early, packed a gym bag, and joined that gym to make your goals a reality. You want to feel fitter, leaner and more confident in your body so let me help you keep your 2017 goals in check.

Call me “old school,” but I love having a physical planner in hand not on my phone. Having something you can look at every day is really helpful in keeping yourself on track especially when it comes to the fitness world. Get yourself a planner or a notebook and schedule your workouts and rest days. Having something physically in your hand, free of distractions, is super helpful and more organized. Not saying you can’t utilize your cellular device but don’t get sidetracked on social media. It might take you a bit of time to get used to your new routine and that’s okay. Don’t be discouraged if you hit some bumps along the way. We all have other commitments, so sticking to a successful routine can take a bit of planning. Try scheduling your fitness sessions before or after work or school. I know we are all very busy but there’s always time to make time. Try and give yourself the best chance to follow your planner. Set an alarm if you have to but do try to schedule your workout days and your rest days.

Pack that gym bag. Be ready for those early morning or after work gym sessions by packing your gym bag ahead of time. If you go to the gym after work, seeing your gym bag lingering in your car also helps you stay focused on actually going to the gym. I know if I keep my gym bag in the car to go after work it’s starrng me in the face. Almost like a friendly peer pressure of “Hey you, got this, let’s go.” Plus, if your bag is already packed the night before you won’t have to worry about taking extra time in the morning to get ready. Leave your bag by the door with your keys so you won’t forget. Plenty of time to still have breakfast in the morning. Again if you leave your bag at home by accident that’s okay. At home workouts are always fun too and if you’re extra tired that day, tomorrow’s a new day to get back on track.

Prep your meals. To get the most out of your workouts you should be following a healthy eating plan. That way your body is adequately fueled to get through the day and your workouts. If you find it hard to juggle preparing nutritious meals with a full time work or school schedule meal prepping can be your saving grace. Plan your meals ahead of time and shop according to your grocery list. My go-to grocery list typically includes; eggs, ground turkey, chicken, shrimp, spinach, rice, beans, a plethora of vegetables, and tea.

There are plenty of easy recipes to follow online but if you’re still struggling to prep meals on your own try Bite Meals. Bite Meals are freshly prepped healthy meals that are shipped overnight to you. They’re good for four to five days refrigerated and up to three weeks if frozen. They were created by fitness guru and Instagram sensation Katy Hearn and her team. I have been using Katy’s winter challenge guide and they are incredible. Not to plug you guys in on anything but I do recommend checking it out. On her Bite Meal site there is quite the variety to choose from for every dietary need. It’s always worth a shot to try it out. Go to www.bitemeals.com for more info but again you can always try and meal prep on your own. Get some new Tupperware and have at it in the kitchen.

Lastly, remember to take that “before” photo. Having a picture of yourself from the day you started will help you see how far you’ve come when you think your progress isn’t as good as you’d like it to be. Progress photos help us see physical changes that may not be immediately noticeable on the scales.

Remember it’s your fitness journey so don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You’re trying to be a better version of you so keep those goals in mind and keep pushing through those fitness routines.

Cassie McIntyre is a NASM certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and nutritional coach. She works at LA Fitness.