Body Construct: A message to the Fit Mommies out there


To all those Fit Mommies out there.

I’m sure all of you have those fitness goals you have always wished you could have achieved. Getting back to that body you had before you had kids or if you want to make this time of your life a transformation that is unforgettable, it is never too late to push for the body that you’ve always wished you had.

Setting goals is the first step to your body transformation but making sure you really want to achieve them makes all the difference between the results you had wished for as opposed to the results you have gotten.

All of what you achieve comes only from you. Don’t forget that working out alone, won’t be the trick to slimming down. Your diet accounts for most your results.

With the help of the Body Construct Superfood Cleanse and Body Construct Protein Shakes you will reach your goals in the matter of time.

The Superfood Cleanse is a probiotic replenishment with no chemical laxatives. The formula’s purpose is to reduce belly bloat and waste build up. It supports your digestive system and gives you more energy and makes you feel lighter. Using this Superfood Cleanse provides a good source of vegetables, fruit and fiber. It is only 15 calories per serving and provides you with numerous vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Potassium. It is made to cater to your body’s needs and is a guaranteed reliable product.

You may have heard this many of times, but it is so important to have breakfast. When you sleep, your body burns many calories and when you wake up it needs to be refueled.

If you usually don’t eat breakfast, having Body Construct Protein Shakes will be the perfect remedy! It’s so important to start your day off with some fuel in you and having breakfast will trigger your metabolism for the day.

Body Construct Protein is All Natural. It is low in carbs, sodium and calories/ The protein is aspartame free and is sweetened with stevia. It is also gluten free and has zero sugar.

Having a protein shake is essential after a workout. When you work out your muscles tear and they become weak. You must replenish your body for a quick recovery and to avoid soreness. Just one scoop of Body Construct protein powder has 23g of protein.

Having balanced meals every day is key to making your body healthy and strong. Skipping meals is something you try your best to avoid. If you can’t have a full balanced meal, make sure you pack a snack at least. Eating consistently throughout the day activates your metabolism, which is beneficial to you when you are trying to slim down and stay fit.

If you find it difficult to find time to workout, find some type of exercise that you know you will enjoy. If your children are young and you can’t leave them, find an alternative way to move your body. Go for a walk and put them in their stroller or go to the playground so they can have fun while you can use it for your boot camp workout.

If your kids have a sports practice, take laps around the field or if you’re lucky enough, if it is at a park or a school, you can find the track or some kind of route.

There are many options to fitting in your workout. Another tip that should be stressed is that hydration is key. Keeping your body replenished with water is so important for your body processes, especially in the assistance of eliminating waste from your body.

Using the Body Construct Superfood Cleanse and the Protein will help you achieve those goals you have always thought about having.

Don’t make excuses.

Everyone had to start somewhere and it’s the matter of pushing yourself to limits you never thought you could have reached. Prove to yourself that you can do it.

Lori-Ann Marchese is the owner of Body Construct LLC in New Britain. She is a former Mrs. Connecticut America and starred in the Bravo TV series, “Game of Crowns.”

Lori-Ann Marchese with Body Construct Superfood Cleanse and Body Construct Protein Shakes. (MIKE CHAIKEN PHOTO)