Valentine’s Day sale of balsamic vinegars

Gourmet Living announced today a Valentine’s Day storewide sale of its balsamic vinegars, California extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean sea salt.  Buyers can now save 25% on all Gourmet Living products purchased by February 11.  This is an innovative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with gourmet food products that will make a huge impression on that special person in your life.

Choose from an extensive selection of balsamic vinegars ranging from Gourmet Living’s recent new addition, Goccia Nera.   Or how about the company’s award-winning Goccia d’Oro balsamic vinegar of Modenathat has recently been ranked as “one of the best balsamic vinegars for 2017” by Wiki Ezvid?

Buyers can now experience authentic 12-year-old traditional balsamic vinegar or 25-year-old PDO that have been bottled and sealed by the Italian consortium and also save 25% on these exceptional barrel-aged traditional balsamic vinegars.  The 25-year old PDO ships with a handmade display box for gifting.

Gourmet Living prides itself on having authentic and for all tastes and budgets.  The labels and contents of these products have been certified by the Italian authorities and are designated either DOP or IGP. These balsamic vinegars contain no additives or preservatives and are bottled in Italy under the strict supervision of the Italian Growers Consortium.

Sheila May of Gourmet Living explains the following, “Strict Italian regulations are in place for a very good reason: to guarantee the integrity of the product for the consumer. Gourmet Livings wants to insure that our products meet these stringent requirements so that people can actually enjoy the true taste of balsamic vinegar of Modena.”

Goccia Nera is a less expensive balsamic vinegar best suited for vinaigrettes, glazes and marinades. While most commercial balsamic vinegars have a density level of below 1.04, Goccia Nera has a density level of 1.07 and is more viscous.  It’s 250ml bottle is heavily discounted from its normal retail price of $19.25.   In fact, for Valentine’s Day, one can purchase this balsamic vinegar for only $14.75.

Goccia d’Oro is a premium grade balsamic vinegar with a density level of 1.33. This award-winning balsamic vinegar comes with an attractive display box and wax seal and makes a great gift for cooks and gourmands seeking a high-quality balsamic vinegar.   This is a must-have gift for fellow gourmands on Valentine’s Day.

Gourmet Living’s traditional balsamic vinegar (“DOP”) of 12 and 25 years is tested, sealed and bottled by the Consortium in a distinctive 100 ml bottle. Traditional balsamic vinegar consists exclusively of wine must and with no wine vinegar, additives or preservatives.

Gourmet Living’s balsamic vinegar product line has been created to give buyers an authentic taste of artisan vinegars at various price points to suit their budget. A few drops of this vinegar is all that is needed to create a dish that tastes as if it were made in the heart of Italy itself. These vinegars are made from pressed Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes in Modena, Italy, and then aged in oak, chestnut and cherry barrels.

Also, the Valentine’s Day promotional discount of 25% also applies to Gourmet Living’s extra virgin olive oil from California and its trio of Mediterranean sea salts.