Model Mob: Talking about denim

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Style experts say, and fashion runways show, that denim of all kinds is hot right now. What is your favorite piece of denim?

Gina Panazzo: Denim is in! This denim look is inspired by the 1980’s jacket that was passed down to me from my mother. I love the ‘80s era and the overalls were in back then and still are now! In my opinion, denim has always been popular and always will be. Denim is the “go- to” look for anyone, anywhere!

Cheyenne O’Donnell: They have denim boots right now and I need them so cute!

Valentina Ramirez: I’m finding some of my favorite pics with some denim that’s really in right now. Patched denim is my favorite trend right now. It’s so easy to find in a ton of stores like Topshop, Gap, and even Forever21. It’s a great way to add some dimension to any outfit!

Kelsey Dixon: My favorite pair of denim clothing is my jean skirt. I have always been obsessed with 90’s fashion. Another reason why I love this denim skirt is, because the possibilities are endless of different clothing I can match with it!

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