Model Mob: Talking about those leggings

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Leggings made fashion headlines last week when a story went viral about some women who were turned away from a United Airlines flight for wearing leggings. Other airlines jumped on the news and issued statements embracing leggings on their flights.

We asked our Model Mob what they think of leggings.

Juliette Johnson: Leggings are comfortable and cute for just about anything. Working out, lounging around, even special occasions if you find the right top.


Cheyenne O’Donnell: More of a sweatpants girl than a legging girl. I like my comfy clothes to fit but be loose. Here I am in yoga pants, comfy but not too tight.

Cheyenne O’Donnell


Ashley Scott: Once I started wearing leggings as pants I found it really difficult to ever go back to wearing jeans. As someone who is constantly active and on the go, leggings are the perfect pant. They’re so comfortable and versatile. I’m a professional baker by day, a kickboxer by night, a model in between, and on top of that I have my social life as well, so wearing leggings is so convenient for me, since they offer the flexibility that I need for all of my daily activities. Whether I’m in front of the camera, rushing around a kitchen, punching stuff, or out with my friends, all I need to do is wear the proper top for a certain setting and I’m good to go. Side note, I fly Spirit Airlines. They just sent out an email specifically telling us to wear leggings. So, in case you need a new airline…

Ashley Scott

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