Model Confidential: Juliette Johnson


“Model Confidential” is a series where we meet the people who make the clothes come alive.

Name: Juliette Johnson


Age: 19


Home state: Connecticut


Why do you like modeling: I love modeling because it allows me to express what I am without feeling judged or small. I’ve always hid myself under t shirts and basketball shorts to pretty much avoid as much attention as possible, but modeling is a great way to show this is who I am and I’m proud of it. I feel superior in front of a camera and that’s how I aim to feel all of the time now.


Your fashion icons and why: I am a tomboy at heart so I love Cara Delevingne’s comfy street style. But I have curves to flaunt too, so I’d definitely say Marilyn Monroe is one of the reasons I’m so comfortable showing off what I’ve got. Also Madonna and her wild sense of fashion, I love making heads turn! Haha I’m all over the place with this question.


Your favorite designer and why: I am all about Alexander McQueen’s big theatrical designs. There’s a quote by him that made me like him so much and it’s “I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress.” And let’s be real. What’s more empowering than being terrifyingly beautiful:!


Describe your wardrobe choices when you’re not modeling: I love my bodysuits. So I am usually in a bodysuit with highwaisted jeans and some kind of bootie or wedge.


What’s your guilty pleasure: Anime. I get so into starting a new series and I’ll binge watch for days until I’ve finished.


The one thing you can never leave home without: My sunglasses for sure.


Favorite music: There is no such thing as a favorite type of music for me. I can go from Classic Disney, to System of a Down, to video game soundtracks no problem.


Favorite food: Mashed potato and bacon pizza. Mhm I could eat a whole pie of it by myself.


Measurements: Height: 5’7, bust: 34, waist: 25, hips: 37


How can someone book you: Through John Casablancas Modeling and Acting Agency in Rocky Hill, CT. (860)563-5959


Instagram: @_itsjuice_


Facebook: Juliette Johnson

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Why do you like modeling?


Your fashion icons and why?


Your favorite designer and why?


Describe your wardrobe choices when you’re not modeling?


What’s your guilty pleasure?


The one thing you can never leave home without?


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