Worth the Weight: Giving back to save lives



Why do I volunteer at the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Conference every year and help the organization raise funds?

Truth be told,  I know that obesity is one of the diseases many people overlook, shy away from or refuse to believe it exists.

Weight loss surgery can  make the battle with obesity end and change an unhealthy lifestyle into a successful healthy  lifestyle.

I know that WLSFA grants are needed to save others the fate that many face when they are turned down by insurance.

I know I will make a difference in the fight to end obesity. I know that by raising funds and educating society, I will help save more lives.

I know the future of my children, who now face the genetic chance of this same battle as I face, is affected by my efforts to change the stigma of weight.

It’s amazing to think that millions of people will be diagnosed with obesity related diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart failure just this year alone.

The WLSFA  is not only a way y to fight back against obesity but it is also a way to inspire hope by raising funds and awareness to help those facing this disease. The WLSFA saves lives one grant at a time from peer to peer fundraising.

My reason for volunteering is personal.

We have all been affected by obesity in some way and because the WLSFA helps to

make a difference and fight back. This is my opportunity to pay it forward. Remember people who are still fighting to save their own lives and the lives of those they love. The WLSFA supports groundbreaking research, information and education for people fighting and are affected by obesity. Those like me who know how it is to be trapped in a dying body.

Every day the WLSFA helps people take steps to find freedom from obesity.  They provide free information and services when and where people need it throughout their journey to getting well. They are supporting the full spectrum of educating society through research, treatment, and surgery. The WLSFA can rally communities worldwide to join the fight by raising funds for grants and working with private and corporate sponsors— including doctors and hospitals.

I started  an east coast chapter here at Bristol Hospital in the  hope you will join and support the WLSFA’s efforts to treat and fight the mighty fight against obesity. The central Connecticut chapter raised funds for two life saving surgeries already.

Together we have the power to help create a world where obesity can no longer claim another year of anyone’s life and maybe stop our children from living a shorter life than their ancestors.

For more information, go to www.WLSFA.org and look for central Connecticut chapter of WLSFA on Facebook.

Patricia Miller is a Weight loss surgery patient, advocate, and volunteer for the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America.