Swim style fit for a (pageant) queen

Yandy entered a brave new world earlier this year when its swimsuits became the official swimsuit of royalty… better known as the Miss USA pageant.
Now any woman can look like a (pageant) queen thanks to the brand.
Press materials for Yandy said the new collection “was artfully designed with global culture and timeless sophistication in mind, featuring vibrant prints and patterns, sleek lines and on-trend silhouettes.”
The “Yandy Girl” is considered “independent and powerful… strong, confident and determined.””
The new collection of swimwear was a hit with three local models photographed in selections from the collection.
Alexandria Palmer of Middletown , Conn. , who has competed at Miss Connecticut Teen USA and Miss Connecticut ’s Outstanding Teen (with dreams of being the next Miss USA), said, “I loved the suits I wore. They made me feel confident with my body and I loved the different looks each bathing suit had. I would wear these to the beach with some of my friends or on a tropical vacation.”
Margot Paul, a trained ballerina and dance instructor from Berlin , Conn. , said after her shoot,  “I absolutely loved the suits. They were comfortable but also super cute and definitely made me feel more confident in my beach body. I would wear them to the beach or a pool party.”
Juliette Johnson, an aspiring fitness trainer and fashion model, said, “I loved the (embroidered leopard print monokini, which was worn by the new Miss USA Kára McCullough ) the most just because of how it fit me and how beautiful the colors look together. I’d wear it anywhere to be completely honest. The two-piece (tropical floral bikini), I also really liked because it fit super snug and gave my skin a nice glow, but I’d… wear it to lounge around on the beach to get a tan. The black and white one (the one-piece cutout houndstooth) I’d probably… wear for photo shoots. I loved the uniqueness of it and it photographs really well. It’s definitely something you’d see in a high fashion magazine.”
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