Travel with the latest from Ports 1961

Travel – literally, and metaphorically – is the inspiration for the pre-spring Ports 1961 collection, reported a press release from the designer

“1961 – the year Ports was founded – marked the start of the true jet-set, of travel as a leisure pass-time, a pleasure rather than an arduous necessity. Today, Ports 1961 Creative Director Nataša Čagalj and her design team draw influence from the idea of wanderlust, of travel as a journey not only between different locations, but different experiences, fresh inspirations, and new horizons. The enjoyment of travel is translated to an enjoyment in dressing,” said the release announcing the collection.

“Rather than a specific destination, there’s a sense of exploration, of a journey in progress – packing and unpacking, a dynamic and spontaneous mix of clothing. Inspired by far-flung cultures, styles are juxtaposed and fused in an arresting bricolage. Fashion without borders,” said the release.

“Stretch British-style tweeds combine with Madras checks and Hispanic stripes, fair isle knits and matelot stripes, reflect an aesthetic restlessness. Shapes are straightforward, graphic and utilitarian – easy trench coats, wide trousers, aloha shirts. They allow the pattern to speak. Colours reflect rich Caribbean shades, but sunbleached to gentle pastel hues of powder pink, cornflower and lettuce. Shoes are crissed with woven raffia and set atop Cuban heels, ready for another journey.

“The thread running through everything is humour. An unpredictability in the blending of styles and cultures, a wit in their new expression in an expansive vacation wardrobe. The woman who travels with everything, but the kitchen sink.”