CT’s KARO swimwear brings in the noise, brings in the style



It’s full steam ahead for a Connecticut swimwear designer as she continues to find her creations featured in magazines around the world.

KARO Swimwear, the line created by Berlin, Conn. resident Kasia Roginska, made a good deal of noise when one of its suits was featured in the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in 2016.

But Roginska and her custom swimwear continue to pump up the volume on the fashion editorial pages.

Within the past year, Roginska said, “I have Life and Style magazine, Tatler UK, and Elle U.K. coming up in July. Also there were other cool publications: C’este Moi magazine twice, Handmade magazine, Obscurae magazine, and some others.”

KARO also hit the stages of the Apple as the official swimwear of the Top Russian Beauty pageant on June 2.

“A friend of mine invited me to be a sponsor,” said Roginska. “For the past couple of years I helped out with the Miss Polonia USA pageant by making swimwear for participants.”

For the Top Russian Beauty pageant, Roginska said, “I had a free hand to design something simple. From experience, I knew they have to have a bit more coverage. I decided to design all black side tie bottoms and padded and simple triangular tops in all different colors.”

Roginska also is keeping an eye on the future and some changes are in the works.

“For the past few years, my direction was (to create) custom bathing suits. Now I’m trying to redirect 180 degrees to see if I can be in stores and boutiques,” said Roginska.

“I’ve created several high end, fun lines that I’ll be showing this summer in Newport, R.I., Miami, and West Palm Beach,” said Roginska. “I will see how it goes but I am very excited about this.”

“I won’t give to many details yet,” said Roginska. “I don’t want to spill the beans and jinx it. All I say is that we have underwire bikinis and one pieces, men’s board shorts, boys shorts, beach dresses and little girl suits.”

“I’m trying to get a feel what will be a hit,” said Roginska.

Additionally, Rogniska said she is working with celebrity stylist Ali Levine of Los Angeles. Roginska said Levine helped her get KARO into the celebrated Sundance Festival.

Gretchen Rossi of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” said Roginska, “fell in love in my pieces. Because of her, it got published in Life and Style. Recently, she posted on her social media my peacock suit. That sold out within a few days.”

For more information about KARO Swimwear, go to http://www.karoswimwear.com/

PHOTOS by MIKE CHAIKEN (except where indicated). Photographed at Hungerford Park, Berlin, Conn.

Model is Margot Paul of Berlin, Conn. (except where noted.)