Classic conversation with Cristy Lee at Barrett-Jackson



Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun last month was more than just a chance for locals to check out and bid on classic motor vehicles, it was cablecast live across Velocity and Discovery.

Cristy Lee of Velocity’s “All Girls Garage” served as co-host of “Barrett-Jackson Live” at the Connecticut venue.

We caught up with Cristy via email to talk to her about the Barrett-Jackson experience and her love for motor vehicles.

CTFASHIONMAG: As a fan of cars and bikes, what do you like about an event like Barrett-Jackson?

Cristy: What’s not to like at a Barrett-Jackson auction. One of my favorite parts about the auction is getting up close and personal with the cars. There are so many rare, unique, outstanding cars on display here before, during, and after their block crossing. How often does anyone get the opportunity to be so close to cars like these, all in one place too.

CTFASHIONMAG: What do you like about talking to the fans and bidders who come out for the auction?

CRISTY: It’s great meeting not only so many car lovers like myself, but so many fans of the Barrett-Jackson coverage, “All Girls Garage,” and Velocity. I get to share car stories with fans and bidders, but only when I have a free minute from our live broadcast, of course. The absolute best is meeting and chatting with other females who are into cars or in the industry, and any kids who are already into the four-wheeled world at such a young age.

CTFASHIONMAG: If you like machines, Barrett Jackson is like being a kid in a candy shop. Did you get a chance to look around and if you did what gems caught your eye and why?

CRISTY:  Well first off, yes, I LOVE machines, and it’s definitely a BIG candy shop at the auction. Our TV crew arrives several days before the auction even begins, so we get the chance to see the cars when they first roll off the trucks and get tucked away in the tents for the week. That’s the best time to check out all each auction has to offer. I’ve almost always got my eyes on the Mustangs, Fastbacks, Boss, Cobras, but some of the Shelbys I’ve gotten to see here at Barrett-Jackson, make for awesome memories for this car girl.

CTFASHIONMAG: What did you like about the chance to visit Connecticut for Barrett Jackson?

CRISTY: My family is originally from Rhode Island, so I’ve spent a lot of time in the Northeast. I love coming back to this area, that brings back family memories, and I even get the chance to visit family in RI during my visit.

CTFASHIONMAG: If you had an unlimited budget and could bid on your dream car, what is your Holy Grail of automobiles?

CRISTY: 1967 Shelby GT500 Survivor car in white. I’m honestly not sure if this even exists anymore unrestored, but I just love a car that’s been well preserved and still has some character and a story behind it.

CTFASHIONMAG: Looking back on your projects on “All Girls Garage,” what was your favorite effort or efforts and why?

CRISTY: One of my personal favorite builds has to be our Wounded Warrior project. It was so amazing to meet this heroic veteran, now a triple amputee from his time spent serving our country, and hear his story. We fixed his truck up for him, added some aftermarket upgrades, and installed better equipment for easier entry and exit from the truck for him also. I’ll never forget the experience, and his excitement when we revealed the truck and took us all for a test drive.

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Cristy Lee of Velocity’s ‘All Girls Garage’ served as co-host of Barrett-Jackson Live at the Mohegan Sun last month.