Effortless fitness demonstrated by Miss CT’s Outstanding Teen contestants



The fitness of the contestants at Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen competition showed a great deal of effortlessness and energy at the latest installment of the annual event in Hartford.

The competition, which is part of the Miss America Organization and leads to the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition this month, has talent, evening gown, and private interview as areas of competition.

In addition, contestants grab their athletic wear and compete for the judges in Lifestyle and Fitness. This category is intended, according to Miss America, to see how well the contestant maintains a lifestyle of good physical health, whether she meets the public expectation of a titleholder, and whether or not she has the confidence needed to be a titleholder. The contestant’s drive, energy and presence are to be likewise considered.”

This is what the audience saw in this category for Miss Connecticut’s Outstanding Teen. This year’s competition was won by Brooke Cyr of Waterbury, Conn.