Cosplay fashionistas


Cosplay, one could argue, is a subset of the fashion world.

For a special occasion, a con, the participants put on a venue appropriate appearance.

Instead of gorgeous darlings of couture and polished gentlemen with a pinch of dashing, the participants arrive as super heroes and super villians, as television or movie characters, as visions from comic books, anime creations, and representatives of assorted cultural subgroups.

Some participants will go for the ready-to-wear, costumes ordered online from a manufacturer or a cosplay costumer. Some will go couture by creating their looks from scratch.

This past weekend, Hartford’s Connecticut Convention Center hosted the annual ConnectiCon. And the outside of the venue was like a mini-catwalks as those who chose to dress for the occasion posed for paparazzi or gathered for themed group shoots (i.e. “Game of Thrones,” “Star Wars,” anime).

This is what saw during a brief visit at the July 8 installment of the event.