After the operation, pre-planning essential


You are always going to run into a situation where pre-planning is essential.

In every weight loss plan or program, pre-planning is essential. Post-weight loss surgery is no different. Pre-planning is another form of self advocacy. It is also more then just prepping and bringing the meals that are healthy and on your post op plan. Prepping can also mean checking menus prior to going to a restaurant. Most menus are available on-line. If not drop by and pick one up if possible. The on-line versions can also contain additional nutritional information. Being prepared can also mean having tools like phone applications such as my Fitness Pal that allows you to enter information, even dishes at specific restaurants, and will tell you everything you need to know.

My Fitness Pal is fantastic to use when we are stuck eating fast food.

Yes, we will all be in situations after or on weight loss surgery plans that leave us eating fast food. It’s a fact of life.

Travel, work, kids, anything in our busy days can lead us to those fast food lanes. It’s not a crime— especially if we know what we can choose and stay healthy.

Here are some of the choices that have worked for me.

Wendy’s Chili. One of the best choices. Wendy’s chili is low in fat and has almost no sugar. It is filled with protein from both beans and meat.

Taco Bell. If you ask for the “healthy option,” Taco Bell will make items without cheese ,sour cream, and other rich additions and substitute it with a tomato based salsa. The beans in a dish is also a good source of protein. It’s a little high in fat but leave off the cheese and ask for red sauce. In a pinch, it’s a good choice.

Any burger joint. Ask for your burger with out the bread. This is so common these days that for the most part they will happily put the patty and fixings into a box. Some restaurants will offer their burgers on lettuce, like Red Robin.

My sister was a diabetic, sadly it was what took her life. I often will tell restaurants or fast food restaurants that I am diabetic when I’m ordering my food and it appears that they may not be taking my requests seriously. I know it’s a small white lie but many times they don’t understand what weight loss surgery is or they don’t take it seriously. Let’s face it, if you are a gastric bypass patient, our eating regiment is the same as a diabetic. If you are a ketone dieter then you too will be eating sugar free. Unfortunately it’s the only way we can get the requests that we need honored and taken seriously.

Asking for special accommodations may feel uncomfortable at first but once you realize you are being your own self advocate and little choices add up, it will become easier and easier to pre-plan and learn how to make informed choices at every meal.

Patricia Miller is a weight loss patient and advocate, WLSFA project facilitator, and volunteer. Find and follow her YouTube page