Even if your curves aren’t from Colombian genes, Colombian jeans will give you curves



Gley Fontan Acevedo is a proud Puerto Rican.
But Acevedo, who owns Latinas Fashion in Hartford and New Britain, has to admit… Colombian women have a certain style and know how to dress.
“If you saw a Colombian woman, they look amazing, the way they shape their body,” said Acevedo. “All women are beautiful just the way they are but the way (Colombian women) dress is amazing.”
And when women shop for fashion at her stores, those women are going to find a touch of Colombia on her racks.
“All the clothing we sell here is from Colombia,” said Acevedo. “I’m very proud to sell Colombian products.”
But the key attraction at the store are the jeans.
“The best jeans are from Colombia,” said Acevedo.
“All the jeans we sell are butt lifting, high waisted jeans, which, if you try them, you’ll love them because of the way they shape your body,” said Acevedo. “They will show your curves…It’s a perfect fit… They’re pretty stretchy… They feel like leggings.”
Acevedo said her store sees all kinds of women stop by. She has an 86 year old woman who likes to shop at the Hartford store. “We have a lot of Latino woman come, Caucasian woman, African American women, Jamaicans.”
“The other day I had a lady from Vietnam,” said Acevedo. “She came to buy a girdle here.”
When the woman was asked what made her seek out Latinas Fashion, Acevedo said the woman said a friend of hers told her all about it.
Latinas Fashion has two stores. One is at 1772 Park St., Hartford. Latinas Fashion is also located at 14 Washington St., New Britain.
For more information, call (860) 206-4907, email LatinasFashion1772@gmail.com or look for them on Facebook.

FASHIONS: All provided by Latinas Fashion of Hartford and New Britain.