A little bit of everything from Impish Lee



Impish Lee started off as a custom lingerie brand.

The customers would work with the founders of Impish Lee, sisters Kali Ventresca and Noelle Ventresca, via Etsy to create the lingerie or loungewear they wanted and that fit their needs.

From there, the sisters worked with some retail brands, such as Urban Outfitters, to create a collection they needed.

Then, the Ventrescas shied away from wholesale for a while, focusing on becoming a full-on custom company.

At Curvexpo in New York City earlier this month, Impish Lee began the process of conquering the retail market under their own brand name, venturing back out into the world of wholesale. In order to entice the wholesalers, Kali Ventresca explained, Implish Lee created a line specifically to show at Curve.

“We have a little bit of everything,” said Kali Ventresca of the collection at Curve. There were dark colors. There were dark blues. There were maroons. There were bright neon colors. There were velvets. And there were pieces made with an organic material.

“We just wanted to spice things up for fall,” said Kali Taylor, “and the transition into winter.”

Impish Lee is a lingerie brand that can accommodate women of all sizes, said Kali Ventresca. And the customer will range in age from 18 to their 60s.

All pieces are also crafted in their studio space in New York City, said Kali Ventresca.

For more information about Impish Lee, go to www.impishlee.com