Resale your way into style


It’s nearly time to set aside the summer clothes and replace them with some fall fashions.

If you picked up some summer pieces back in spring that only left the drawer or closet once or twice (or they may even still have their price tags on them), you might want to consider bringing them to a clothing resale shop. It’s a great way to recoup your misplaced investment.

And then with the money, you collect, you can pick up some great pieces for fall that were gently used, if at all, by the previous owners.

Clothes Mentor on Buckland Road in South Windsor, Conn. is a local resale shop. For a recent fashion editorial shoot to demonstrate what kinds of stuff you can find at a resale store, the staff at Clothes Mentor assembled an array of fashionable fall outfits. Some were perfect for the office, some a night out for dinner, and some for a fall getaway to check out the New England foliage. There were brand names galore in the assemblages, such as Michael Kors and Gucci. And all the items seemed as they were just pulled off the rack at your favorite boutiques—whether vintage or new—or department stores.

Here is a selection of outfits assembled at Clothes Mentor, which illustrate the quality of selections at a resale shop.

So it’s time to do some fall cleaning and hit up the resale shop to get some fabulous style and save a little more of your hard-earned paycheck.

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MODELS: Anya Crooks of Southington, Conn., Mia Hwang of Manchester, Conn.

All outfits provided by Clothes Mentor, South Windsor, Windsor.

Photographed on location at Clothes Mentor, South Windsor, Conn.