Suzy Black: Lingerie for the superhero in you


Diondra Julian’s mom helped launch interest in lingerie.

The founder and designer of Suzy Black NYC, who was at The Lingerie Selection’s showcase in New York City in early August, explained: “My mother inspired my love of lingerie. When I graduated from college, unbeknownst to me, my mom had been collecting lingerie to pass onto me. She literally passed me a box, and said, ‘This should get you started.’”

“She kind of bred that love for me,” said Julian.

The name of the brand, which was launched three years ago, was inspired by a reality TV show.

“The name of the collection actually comes from a character on a television judge show,” said Julian. “There was this woman who was dating multiple men and (the men) were suing and telling her she had to pick. Her name was Suzy Black. She said, ‘I won’t pick.’ I thought, ‘Wow. That is a woman.’ Her name was like a superhero, so I was like I’m going to use her name.”

Describing her line, Julian said, “It’s an assortment of lounge and sexy pieces that are effortless. And they give you the most bang for your buck.”

The Suzy Black woman, said Julian, is “active. She’s busy. She needs something that is going to work as hard as she does. It’s comfortable. It’s functional, It’s pretty so she doesn’t need to look as if she’s contrived and worked hard to make (the look) happen.”

“I definitely create pieces that I myself can see myself in… As a mom…, I look for pieces that are statement pieces and that I could probably pair of jeans– but they’re also a showstopper.” They are pieces that also work as she transitions from day to night, said Julian.

Suzy Black NYC is available at

Diondra M. Julian, owner and designer of Suzy Black NYC lingerie. (PHOTO by MIKE CHAIKEN)
A sample of Suzy Black NYC’s current collection. (Courtesy of Suzy Black NYC.)