Braids for days and days and days


If you say hair braid, your imagination may fixate on the braid your mother may have given you on the first day of school.

Or, maybe, just maybe,  you’ll think of the braids worn by the title character in the children’s novel, “Heidi.”

But braids are much more than that. They are only limited by the length of your hair and the imagination of your stylist.

Bill Schrlau of Southington, Conn., a stylist at Adam Broderick Salon and Spa in Southbury, Conn. demonstrates on model Caelyn Calhoun many of the options at your finger tips (or brush strokes) for the classic braid.

Check it out as Schrlau transforms Calhoun’s blonde locks into a variety of braids.


Fashions on model Caelyn Calhoun provided by Adam Broderick Salon and Spa in Southbury, Conn.

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