Uwila Warrior sits at the lingerie nexus of quality and comfort



Uwila Warrior recognizes a gap in the underwear market for panties that not only provide comfort but long-lasting quality.

At The Lingerie Selection’s presentation in August in New York City, Uwila Warrior was one of the lingerie brands reaching out to attract retailers and shoppers from across the country.

“Lisa Mullan, our founder, set out to make the world’s most comfortable women’s underwear,” explained Uwila Warrior intern Taylor Huxtable. And, she said, Uwila Warrior is about providing quality with that comfort as well.

To accomplish those goals, said Huxtable, all of the underwear from Uwila Warrior is made with 100 percent silk. This includes the waist band, which instead of elastic is made of a silk jersey.

The absence of elastic serves more than an aesthetic purpose, explained Huxtable. Typically, the elastic is the first thing that wears out on women’s underwear – damaged by pulling the panties on and off your body.

The panties from Uwila Warrior look larger because, without the elastic, they are already sized to fit the body. The band also eliminates panty lines—because they are made to fit you not you fit the panties– and wedgies,

Huxtable said Mullan came up with the idea for the line when she was sitting with her college friends, discussing what was missing in the women’s underwear market. There really wasn’t a brand out there that offered, first of all, comfort, and quality that would last.

Uwila Warrior also is more than just a utilitarian brand of underwear that lasts and lasts. There also is a sense of whimsy in the brand, said Huxtable. For instance, one panty is emblazoned with the phrase, “Madame President.” Uwila Warrior sells a day of the week collection but Monday becomes “Manic Monday,” Tuesday becomes “Taco Tuesday,” and so one.

“They’re colorful… with cheeky sayings,” said Huxtable of the Boston-based brand. And the brand also proves that a panty doesn’t have to be a thong to be sexy.

Currently, Uwila Warrior is available primarily on line at www.UwilaWarrior.com and at www.Amazon.com