Appropriate and stylish fashions for the beach from KK Swimwear


Your aspirational tween or teen daughter wants a swimsuit that’s fun, fashionable, and stylish. And she doesn’t want something off the rack of your nearby big box style. She wants designer clothing.

As a parent, style and fashion are beside the point. You want something appropriate for your daughter.

KK Swimwear presented a runway show at Style Fashion Week on the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Sept. 9 in New York City that seemed to offer a compromise for all parties involved.

The custom collection, which included one-pieces, two-pieces, cover-ups, skirts, flounces, and all sorts of girlish touches, was fun. The bright tropical prints selected by the designer exuded joy. And the cuts on the swimwear avoided looking like something out of a nunnery but also avoided looking like something from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

This is what came across the runway in New York.