Grab your cabana-worthy swimsuit, the Caribbean is calling

The temperature have dropped below freezing in the Northeast as December marches into the New Year.
The temperatures may cause some women to reach for the long underwear. However, just as some may reach for their bikinis… not to take some penguin plunge but to pack for their Caribbean get away.
Convention has it that December to April are the peak months for travel to the Caribbean because just as the weather gets nastier in the northeast, it’s becomes more pleasant on the islands.
If you’re traveling and are looking for fun, fashionable and trendy suits to wear under the cabana pool side while sipping colorful cocktails with paper umbrellas, Yandy has a bevy of suits to show off your style as you enjoy the warm temperatures and sun under the canvas shade.
Here are some of the examples available right now at
Models: Cindy Espinal, Briana Eagley, and Cheyenne O’Donnell.