Grab the Brass Ring, grab steampunk style


A steampunk event is a good opportunity to check out steampunk style.

At the Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret at the New England Carousel Museum this weekend. Models Brooke Cyr of Bristol and Jade Soto of Hartford checked out some of the vendors to venture into a world where the future took place in the past.

Among the designers, Brooke and Jade visited were AirShip Darklords ( for googles, respirators, hats, and rayguns. They also visited Midnight Orchid Design ( OrchidDesign), which finds a home in the steampunk universe but whose creations tap into everything from ninjas to geishas to Victorian ladies. Additionally, Canes Enable ( provided a parasol to complete Jade’s look. Canes Enable also has a good variety of canes and walking sticks to complete your steampunk look.