Love is in fashion at Sappho


It’s been said love is love.

And Sappho Clothing of Connecticut was born of love and exists to foster love in all of its dimensions.

A spokesperson for Sappho, which has made the rounds in area fashion shows, explained the brand “was inspired by love to support the fight for equality of the LGBTQ+ communities and their allies.”

The end of a relationship—typically a moment that gives birth to scorn—gave birth to the notion that there should be hope.

The spokesperson for Sappho explained the line’s founder, Daniel Dorce “was in love with a woman he dated for 10 years, eventually she met a woman and fell in love and left Danny for said woman.”

“Instead of turning his pain into hatred, he decided to research the lesbian and LGBTQ community and stumbled upon a book about Sappho.”

“Sappho’s lifestyle, strength and courage to stand for what she believed– like his ex– inspired him to create Sappho Clothing, a true testament of selfless love,” explained spokesperson.

Even though he himself is a heterosexual, Dorce “moved to support the gay community although he was heartbroken.”

“The rest is history,” said the spokesperson.

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Model Rozana Tamis of Bethel, Conn. gets a little rock and roll in Sappho Clothing.

She was styled by Adrianna Martinez (look for her on Instagram @slim6943)