‘Project Runway’ winner offers the art and the fashion at Art Hearts Fashion



The paramount question at the Kentaro Kameyama show at Art Hearts Fashion in New York City Feb. 8 was: How would Kentaro perform without the erudite guidance of Tim Gunn?

Kameyama was the winner of the most recent cycle of “Project Runway” with a 10 outfit collection.

The answer was, “Quite well, thank you.”

At the New York City show, Kameyama left behind the trappings of the reality series. In fact, there was little mention of his win and nowhere in sight was a Heidi Klum or Kameyama’s mentor Gunn.

The collection offered a mix of the mystical and conceptual and the cool and wearable.

There were dresses that offered a mixture of architectural structure and soft ballet tutus. There were also garments that offered intriguing draping. And then there were separates with tops and slacks covered in cool and interesting prints that wouldn’t look out of place on the racks of H&M.

There were lots of whites and blacks, which was often a criticism of Kameyama on “Project Runway.” But he livened things up several times with iridescent pinks and neon greens.

Mostly, the mood of the collection was spiritual, accentuated by spacey soundtrack that accompanied the models walking down the runway.

It was clear, however (despite his pop culture credentials), everything Kameyama offered at Art Hearts Fashion demonstrated he was into fashion for the art.