All hail the accessories of AirShip DarkLords


AirShip DarkLords sometimes are a little wistfully romantic.

Sometimes AirShip DarkLords travel forward into the past in a steampunk manner.

And sometimes, they’re a little rock and roll… in a goth-rock kind of way.

AirShip DarkLords is essentially the creation of Enrique Camacho of Connecticut. Camacho can often be found at steampunk events on the east coast selling his handmade wares. (He recently attended the Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret in Bristol, Conn.)

His creations include a multitude of Venetian masks, perfect for fairy tales and masquerade balls.

He also makes all manner of gear-encrusted goggles and bowler caps that fit in nicely for a gathering of Steampunks who have a hankering for futuristic Victoriana. To top off the futuristic look, he also crafts “Star War”-esque rayguns to fend off the hordes from the Empire.

And for a little bit of a malevolent rebellious feel, he crafts leather hoods and respirators for those post-industrial electronic rock and roll moments.

Seen here wearing the creations from AirShip DarkLords are models Crystal Roldan (make up by Anellyse Boebel) and Brianna Beyers (makeup by herself).

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