Mayana Geneviere: Practical, feminine, and body positive


Nadine M. Woods of Toronto, Ontario, saw a need.

Woods, who attended The Lingerie Selection at the Daylight Studios in New York City in February, saw a need for a brand of maternity lingerie that had a utilitarian purpose. But she didn’t want the lingerie to look utilitarian. She wanted the lingerie to look like… well, lingerie.

So, Woods– a new mother herself– launched Mayana Geneviere. The lingerie brand is practical because it addresses the needs of the nursing mother. But it is also body positive because the lingerie allows a new mother to feel pretty thanks to the feminine touches that transcend the garments’ practical construction. had a chance to interview the CEO and founder of Mayana Geneviere during her visit to New York.

Videography and photo by Mike Chaiken

Nadine M. Woods, founder and CEO of Mayana Geneviere, at The Lingerie Selection in New York City.