Priamo wakes up sleepwear to have a night on the town


Madonna made inner wear as outer wear popular back in the 1980s helping facilitate a trend where lingerie rose from strictly undergarments to street attire.

And that trend has never really gone away.

Priamo Designs out of New Jersey recently shared the news that their garments were used to mine the corollary of this trend—luxury sleepwear worn outside of the cozy confines of your bed.

Aurora James, designer of a custom shoe collaboration for Black Panther,” shared a selfie on social media of her wearing a Priamo for Opening Ceremony ( nightgown, which she customized with a Black Panther” logo patch. Then, in a moment of serendipity, paparazzi images had been shared in the media of model/It Girl Kendall Jenner on her way to Avenue in Los Angeles during NBA All Star weekend wearing another Priamo for Opening Ceremony look– the silk chiffon and ostrich fringe bralette and tap pant set, styled with her trademark “mom” jeans, heels, and a clutch.

CTFashionMag caught up with design team at Priamo ( to talk about the lingerie line itself and the use of Priamo by celebs working this lingerie as streetwear fashion trend.

CTFashionMag: For the Priamo collection with Opening Ceremony, what was the inspiration for the designs?

Priamo: We wanted to do something really special to mark the legacy of Priamo in relation to Opening Ceremony’s discovery of the brand, so we took some of our most classic silhouettes and added subtle Opening Ceremony logos in different placements on the garment. Some are placed embroidery patches, some are laces with the Opening Ceremony script worked into the design, and, lastly, we did a screen-printed ribbon detail on a couple pieces.

We also wanted to give a nod to the future – our new design director, Angelique Terrelonge, has her own line as well that is exclusively made with feathers. She designed the silk chiffon bralette set and the silk chiffon Savannah robe, which were so important for making the capsule well-balanced aesthetically. They gave the capsule that crucial “WOW” factor necessary when re-introducing yourself in this kind of setting.

The team at OC also was led by the idea that the younger customer they attract should be encouraged to wear our pieces out on the town, to take the luxury pajama dressing trend to a new level. Our inspiration was and always has been to create timeless, luxurious, elegant yet comfortable garments that fit beautifully, and are of the highest quality.

C: How does it fit into the general Priamo aesthetic?

P: The OC team are expert collaborators. They have the perfect sense of how to ensure the capsule fits in with our story as well as their own story. So, in maintaining a good sampling of our capabilities in different fabrications – we used four different fabrics total over nine styles – and updating our trims to include subtle Opening Ceremony branding, the capsule did just that.  The color palette also helped tie in our heritage colors to current color trends, like petal pink. That shade of pink is a core color of the brand.

C: Who was the woman you envisioned wearing the Opening Ceremony collection?

P: Exactly the women who ended up wearing it! Seriously. The Priamo for Opening Ceremony collection was created with the younger customer in mind, who will wear it out as streetwear as a fun fashion statement.

C: I saw the photos of the lingerie being worn as street attire by Kendall and Aurora in the press release. When you came up with the collection did you ever think someone would decide to wear the pieces as day wear rather than the bedroom?

P: Yes, absolutely – that was part of the very first conversation with the OC team during the development process. Then, the way the pieces were styled on OC’s site were either barefoot, with socks, or with sneakers – all to give a visual cue for the idea that the pieces are versatile and can go either way depending on your mood.

C: Stepping back from the clothing as a disinterested party, what did you like about the fashion effect of how Kendall and Aurora wore the Priamo pieces.

P:  We were floored, absolutely floored. We were so grateful that our message had been communicated clearly, but with a partner like OC, that was something about which we felt confident. We just didn’t know it would be so high-profile. Aurora is incredible, and her influential company has the rare, magical mixture of gorgeous designs backed with substance and depth, and care for the people and world in which the products are created. Her brand is quite impressive in its aesthetics and its mission so to count her as a supporter of the brand was very humbling. The top Kendall wore was part of a very small production run, so the odds were slim – which made it feel even more humbling when she did wear it. And, they both made the pieces their own – Aurora with her logo patch and off-the-shoulder neckline (the top is more typically worn with the sleeves up) to give it a more evening feel. And Kendall, with her signature jeans and Yeezy heels, and the Jeff Koons X Louis Vuitton clutch! She looked so effortlessly stunning and chic.

C: What suggestions would you give someone interested in styling an outfit where they wear Priamo lingerie as daywear? Which pieces do you think are most amenable to being worn as daywear?

P: We have such an array of styles! Definitely, as we said, the OC capsule is perfect for that. But, there are amazingly chic silk pieces that can be used as underpinnings or as full looks. We have some new ostrich and silk charmeuse pieces we’re very excited about, building off of the silk chiffon and ostrich pieces designed by Angelique. Those pieces are meant to be seen. Maybe sometimes by just one person in a more private setting, maybe sometimes because you’re at an event – hopefully both, if that’s your thing!

We use fabrics appropriate for every climate and occasion, so really, it’s like fashion Legos – you can’t go wrong mixing our linen PJ top with jean shorts or wearing our cotton gauze gowns when it’s hot out. When it’s cold, our flannels and brushed back satins are cozy, pretty, and warm. We don’t do basics, but we do classic semi-tailored pieces that serve a similar function. We truly believe that we create some of the most flattering fits in our price point, both in nightwear/loungewear and in ready-to-wear. It’s one of the signatures of our line, anyone who wears our garments not only looks amazing, they feel amazing, because our clothes fit correctly, and are therefore flattering to any shape.

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Model Becca Kearns wears the Priamo for Opening Ceremony bralette and tap pant set in white in a casual moment on a back deck and taking a stroll in the bralette with her favorite jeans and heels—just like celebrity Kendall Jenner.