Stashing the sash fashion: Miss Naugatuck Valley Courtney Ouellette


When you see them compete for a crown, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, business attire, and swimsuits are the uniforms of necessity. But what do titleholders wear when the sash and crown are stashed away.

Meet Courtney Ouellette, Miss Naugatuck Valley of the Miss America Organization.

When she’s out on the town with friends or a significant other, Courtney said, “My personal style has always been pretty casual, even when going out. I’m usually wearing jeans no matter where I am. Two of my favorite things to do when I go out with friends is go line dancing and to country concerts. My go-to outfit, even if I’m just going to the mall, is usually jeans, boots and a flannel. When the weather is too hot for that, I’m usually found in shorts, a tank top, and flip flops or sandals.

When she’s kicking it back at home, Courtney said, “My casual at-home style doesn’t really differ much from my style when I’m going out. For the most part, I tend to wear the some things. Sometimes when I get home from work, I’ll throw on leggings or sweatpants instead of jeans. Regardless of what I’m wearing though, it’s rare to find me wearing shoes when I’m just hanging out at home.”

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Photographed “Hobby Lobby Challenge”-style at Bristol’s Hobby Lobby on Farmington Avenue.