Hope in the form of fashion in the latest line from Rachael Karrington Designs



There is a scene toward the end of the musical version of Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple, where Celie, the main character, is finally reunited with her sister Nettie. Nettie had been sent away by Celie’s abusive husband and spent many years in Africa working as a missionary. For the two sisters, the separation was a pain that had guided both of their lives.

As the two characters are reunited in adulthood, however, there is a sense of hope and celebration that at least the hurts of the past for both sisters will finally be healed.

Something positive had arisen from the negative.

That was the feeling I got from the latest collection from Rachael Karrington at Hartford Fashion Week on April 21 at the Colt Armory in Hartford.

The pristine white garments adorned with huge fabric floral details and topped off with headpieces that maintained the floral theme spoke of spring, hope, possibilities, and positive energy. The garments were undeniably feminine and modern. But in keeping with designer Rachael al-Mahdi’s philosophy of modest fashion- the garments still maintained an aura of innocence.