A Forever Miss wants to be your new Mrs. at state pageant May 19



On May 19, a new Mrs. Connecticut will be crowned.

And a former Miss Connecticut is looking to take that title.

Stacy Perrone-Petta, who is a former Miss Connecticut and a Forever Miss Wolcott, will be vying for the crown of Mrs. Connecticut at Foxwoods Resort Casino on May 19.

CTFashionMag.com caught up with Stacey via email to talk to her about pageants and the upcoming competition.


CTFashionMag: First of all, what is your current title, the title you’re vying for, when is the pageant, and where is the pageant?

STACY PERRONE-PETTA: I am… Mrs. Wolcott America 2018, competing for the title of Mrs. Connecticut America 2018. The pageant is being held at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in the Grand Ballroom 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 19.


C: What did you like about this particular pageant system that you wanted to be part of it?

S: Well, it certainly wasn’t the talent portion (editor’s note: Perrone-Petta is a well-known vocal coach in the area), as they have none. But the opportunity is there to represent today’s “on the go” married women. For me, I knew it would be a wonderful way to celebrate my marriage to husband, Vinny of 18 years and show my 7 year old son Nico that you’re never to old to set goals, dream big and pursue your passions. As a Forever Miss Connecticut America 1996, I knew that I would one day be pursuing the Mrs.CT title.


C: What are the different categories of competition for this system?

S: Although, there is no formal talent phase during the actual competition, I have still had the pleasure of singing across Connecticut. I will have the opportunity to compete on May 19 in Interview, Swimwear, and Evening Gown-On Stage Question while representing my personal platform the Patriots’ Day Initiative and local service organization the Exchange Club of Wolcott.


C: After being Miss Connecticut, why did you want to jump back into the fray again? 

S: I’ve competed once for the Mrs Title. I was first runner up to Mrs. CT America Allyson Genovese in 2016. My heart is always “in it to win it,” but I also have faith in the process. Everything happens in its space and time. I’m hoping the stars align this time around. I did not compete in 2017, but was still busy working toward this year’s competition. Juggling work and family, I also worked on CT Bill #1002, at the state capitol, to make Patriots’ Day an official holiday in Connecticut. Sometimes we don’t know the master plan until things start coming together. This year feels so right and I am much more relaxed and prepared.


C: What do you like about pageant competitions?

S: For me it’s always been the before and after, more then the actual competition. I am sort of hard wired to bring people together to share in events and connect. Whether it’s a charity event, town meeting or backyard barbeque, I love the social aspect of it all. I do find that I grow in the actual onstage process. It’s a great feeling sharing the stage with other successful and determined women. But, it’s that little girl with the tiara, inside of me, that still looks to bring joy to others, especially my parents.


C: What do you learn about yourself each time you compete?

S: I’m an Energizer Bunny! I can put more on my plate and somehow still manage to get it all done. I also know that my family is unbelievably patient, supportive and forgiving. My local community is so inspiring and never stops believing in my endeavors. Really, some days I add extra gravy and cranberry sauce to my piled high turkey dinner schedule but with lots of prayers, tons of support and my usual bold self talk, I’m golden.


Mrs. Connecticut America will be Saturday, May 19 at 6 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket. Tickets are $25 and $45. For more information, go to http://mrsctamerica.com/

Stacy Perrone-Petta will be competing for Mrs. Connecticut on May 19.