9-year-old is ‘big’ in New York



A Southington, Conn. 9-year-old has become really big in modeling this past week.

Kylie Watson already had been selected in early June by Supermodels Unlimited magazine as one of the publication’s modeling Elite 8. And this past week, Kylie learned her photograph—along with those of the other seven girls in the Elite 8—is emblazoned on a billboard that overlooks New York City’s Time Square.

“I was kind of surprised,” said Kylie when she saw a photograph posted on Facebook of the billboard. “There were eight girls on it so I was just surprised.”

Kylie hasn’t seen the billboard in person yet. But she is hoping to make a trip to NYC soon.

Kylie is no stranger though to billboards. A billboard for Supermodels Unlimited featuring Kylie and two other models in the magazine’s Elite 8 popped up just off of Capitol Avenue in Hartford several weeks ago as well.

“I felt really honored that I was one of the three girls that got on the billboard (in Hartford),” said Kylie. “So, I was excited.”

“Two of my friends from school live in Hartford so they were able to see it so it was really cool,” said Kylie.

“I’ve been with SU for a couple of years now and they seem just like a family to me. I’ve been modeling and doing runway shows for them for a while,” said Kylie, 9, who has been modeling for two years.

As a veteran of fashion, Kylie said, “I like modeling for SU, especially, because SU is just like a family to me and I just like modeling…It’s really fun to try on new clothes.”

Kylie said she “definitely” wants to continue modeling as a teen and then as an adult.

“I would really like to stick with modeling because I just love it,” said Kylie.

And for her peers who might be interested in modeling, Kylie had some simple advice. “Just have confidence in yourself and never let yourself get down.”


Kylie Watson shows her modeling skills at the one-room West Street Schoolhouse in Southington, Conn.