Sophisticated and stylish to celebrate life beyond elementary, middle school


With school out for the year, many parents are planning parties to celebrate their daughters’ promotion to middle school or high school.

Typically, this means a party where the tweens or teens get dressed up in their party best to celebrate with their friends and family.

For parents and their daughters looking for a celebration-worthy, sophisticated outfit, look no farther than Westchester County, N.Y.’s Gigi Ri Fashion.

Gigi Ri was launched by Gina Schinelli in March 2017.

Before launching Gigi Ri, Schinelli was a creative director for special occasion tween brands such as ABS Allen Schwartz and Nicole Miller Girls as well as several other well known girls and women’s sportswear brands.

The dresses, rompers, and more from Gigi Ri are all on trend and seem to find that right look for tweens and teens that will meet the approval of the girls’ peers—and just as importantly, the approval of their mothers.

The brand is available from boutiques as well as online from Gigi Ri at


Model Caelyn Calhoun photographed at Fountain Park, Glastonbury, Conn.

Model Maggie Wernicki photographed at Tunxis Community College, Farmington, Conn.